All Homes Tell A Story – What’s Yours?

At Laratta Homes our mission is simple – we want homeowners to love where they live.

With more than 40 years and two generations of experience, we’ve nurtured and realized the visions of discerning Calgarians, becoming one of our city’s most renowned home builders. Our proven process ensures that your home building experience is as sublime as the home itself. We take the time to truly understand you, your family, and how you live so that we can design and build a home where every detail tells your family’s story and enriches your life.

A Laratta home is itself a story- one that’s deeply personal because we craft it alongside you, for you.  From land acquisition and permit approvals to the moment you take final possession, our award-winning design-build firm will craft you a one-of-a-kind home where every element is a unique reflection of your family and the stories that bind you together.



With artful spaces for you to enjoy and share with those you love, Laratta aspires to create rooms that will nurture happiness, health, healing, growth and connection. We believe that your windows should draw in the beauty of your surroundings while the walls serve to create the sanctuary and security you deserve. Your home is where you will build and store the memories of your life.

To truly love your home, we know that you need to love your location.  We will assist you to acquire a location where you can broaden your connectivity to a greater community – the schools where your children will flourish, the fields where you play and the people you will meet on your walks – all will be pages in your life’s story.

In harmony, your home and community will be an expression of how and where you wish to live, in essence, an expression of your personality. Whether it is your forever home or a chapter in your life, we strive to help build the story in a home and location where you will love to live.


Every piece of your Laratta home manifests the beauty of life and represents the harmony of nature and design.  It could be the rock feature that is gorgeously overgrown with moss, the open beam ceiling made of reclaimed wood timbers sourced from a historical building, or the repurposed barn wood doors from your family’s homestead. During your Laratta homebuilding experience, we take the time to learn about the stories of materials and significant articles from your past so that we can reimagine them in a home that will hold the stories of your future.


As a design and build firm, our accomplished team of designers and architects capture your ideas and goals in a blueprint that artfully balances beautiful form and function. With the coordinating efforts of our experienced project management team, our extraordinary craftsmen actualize the visual artistry that defines your Laratta home by blending their own narratives into every detail of their skilled work and materials.  For every individual involved in our trusted home building process, your Laratta home is an opportunity for them to tell their story of craft and skill, where unparalleled pride and attention to detail transform your home into an architectural masterpiece where you love to live.


Though the Laratta story began in Italy, our roots in homebuilding also run deep in Calgary. For over 40 years, our family has cultivated relationships with the designers, craftsmen and suppliers that share our same values, infusing into every home our love for beauty, dignity, and love for life and architecture.

A Laratta home has life in abundance as we take the time to truly understand you, your family, and how you live, so we can craft a home that enriches your life and tells your family’s story. A Laratta home is the pinnacle of carefully woven narratives from our craftsmen, designers, architects, and uniquely sourced building materials that band together to create a home that is full of stories and serves to create beautiful memories and meaningful roots.


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We understand what it takes to design and create an exceptional family home. We are a family business, with over 40 years of experience in vibrant Calgary communities including Elbow Valley, Stonepine, Grandview Park, Heritage Pointe, Church Ranches, Mount Royal, Roxboro, Altadore and Britannia. A Laratta home is distinguished by a unique blend of expert craftsmanship and evolutionary design. As a recipient of over 40 SAM Awards and multiple CRHBA Customer Choice Awards, you can trust that we understand how to flawlessly execute your design vision and custom specifications.